Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

German Rottweiler puppies for sale $1000 each. 

Our dogs are not registered and we are NOT charging Registered prices making them much more affordable.

Scroll down to meet Kayla and Kooch - the parents, our family members, living with us in our home.

Puppies are Vet checked twice including a thorough physical examination, dewormed twice, first shots standard with vet record for each pup and a bill of sale. 

Should you require more information or want to purchase a puppy, please email me at or text or phone 2504633400 in British Columbia or 7808130668 in Alberta

Require full name, location and contact number for any sales transaction.

Purchase Deposits will be held in good faith until payment received in full when puppy is ready for your possession near 8 weeks old.

Minimum Deposit will hold puppy but must be paid in full for delivery.

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A Breed Apart

Experienced Breeders

We take care to ensure the right puppy gets to the right companions and families. Please be honest and ensure you have the right environment to bring a rottweiler puppy into. These are large breed dogs and need room to roam.

Rottweilers are also known herders and must have hobbies or jobs to occupy their time to stay out of trouble and bad habits. They are also very well known for their loyalty and loving demeanor and sit on your feet or lean on your legs to show it.

They are love and affection incarnate and are good with children and other pets but also are protective of home and family and are highly trainable.


Having lived through docking tails on the first litter and realizing the next day a puppy relived the experience in her dreams right down to the yelp she made when we cut it off, I have decided not to dock tails on the pups anymore as it left me with an uncomfortable feeling after having been part of the procedure by holding them in place.

Now this second litter, when I pick up a pup, I can feel it's tail touching me and wagging happily when it recognizes me and that just thrills me so much more than the novelty of a stumpy tail wiggling back at you.

 I believe I prefer the pups they way they came into the world without altering them for sale or visual purposes. 

They're happy - I'm happy.

For these reasons we are going natural with the pups and not docking tails anymore. For the time being we can refer you to a reputable breeder who still docks tails in Alberta and sells tail docked pups.

Puppy Videos

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

To view the parentage of Kayla and Kooch and their parents check out the Heritage Section. Shows size and weight.

Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

These are raw food diet dogs. You can gain limitless information by following Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib of the Dog Cancer Series online/facebook for tips on what to feed your critters to avoid cancers so prevalent today in the commercial pet food market.


Ma and Pa Rottie doing what comes naturally.


Queen of Our Kennel

Born: April 14, 2015

Breed: German Rottweiler

Gender: Female

Mother: Aasa

Father: Rover

Breeder: Michelle Tedesco, Barrhead, AB (FACEBOOK)

Understands English. Attentive loving mother, always happy, loves people too much; loves (licks) kids, adults! Excellent judge of character, however. Sniffer (walks too slow!). Mole Hunter. Cat lover. Best friend and sidekick. First one in the van when we are leaving.


King of Our Kennel

Born: June 19, 2016

Breed: German Rottweiler

Gender: Male

Mother: Meischa

Father: Rocky 

Breeder: Lyle & Charlene Wiebe, Kelowna, BC (FACEBOOK)

Excellent comprehension, also understands English, super quick to react, loves you all day every day. First on scene, lefty, aggressive, constantly trainable, fun loving from morning til night, very vocal. Growler (communication). Has a loving heart and treats the cat like one of his puppies although he LOVES chasing him! A little too good at his protect the family and property job. Excellent father.

28lb Female

We Do Not Have Any Puppies 

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Video Date: August 14, 2018 Red and Purple Collar Females 2nd litter; no puppies available at this time.

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