8 Weeks Old

8 Weeks old and ready for your home. Training ongoing. First Shots, dewormed, vet checked, recorded in book and bill of sale. 

Two Day Old Rottweiler Puppies

Natural German Rottweilers come into the world with tails on and make some funny noises.

Proud Mama

Second litter Kayla is mother of eight babies! 

Two Weeks Old German Rottweiler Pups

On the move now!

Tails Wagging on One Month Old Pups

They recognize objects at a distance now. As soon as they are distressed or aggressive, we pick them up, hug and kiss them for a minute and put them down again. Changing their point of view to a happier mindset. 

Going Concerns

Just switching between mommy milk and water in a dish. Takes some getting used to - an acquired taste, I guess. On mushy foods like hamburger, chicken breast and rice blended with puppy kibble and yogurt. 

6 Week Old Rottweiler Puppies

Almost completely weaned and on smashed soft puppy food and moving into the raw food diet using cooked hamburger, vegetables, rice and raw chicken. Personalities are showing.

8 Week Old Rottweiler Puppies

Climbing up and down stairs. Character quite apparent now and they are very different individuals. Just like little humans.